Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Montreal – West Island – South Shore – Laval

Welcome to Distribution Dollard Lighting and Irrigation Inc. It is our goal to be one of the leading distributors of landscape lighting and irrigation equipment in the industry. We will establish a reputation among landscapers, architects, contractors, and property owners for high­quality products and outstanding customer support. We will provide products that will enable our customers to create innovative designs that will be an ideal complement to residential, commercial, and institutional applications.

Our rapid growth and leadership positions in providing our customers with quality products and overall customer service will come from listening directly to customer needs and then responding with a full range of solutions and helpful in-field support. We will continually gather feedback through information sessions and industry events that help determine the types of products needed by our customers.

The active involvement of our customers guarantees new products and improvements to match their needs. Distribution Dollard will work hard to ensure the success of all of its customers. No other distributor will do more to educate and support professional installers. By providing a wide range of technical support, in­ the field site visits, specification assistance, and contractor business development, we will stand out as a leader in total customer support.


Irrigation Systems

Controllers, sprinklers, rain sensors
and drip irrigation.

Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting
and accessories.

Landscaping Tools

Shovels, picks, head trimmers,
edgers and tampers.

Contractor Gloves

Summer/winter work gloves.
Forearm & wrist protectors.


Dollard brand quality apparel. Shirts,
hats, jackets & sweaters.

Ice Melter

Environmentally friendly “Organic Melt”
ice remover.


Superior Glove

Top quality CANADIAN made hand and arm protection for every industry.

Corona Tools

Contractor grade garden and landscaping tools.


The world’s leading manufacturer of clips and crimping tools.


Water systems and replacement products on the market.

Old Castle

Manufacturer of high density polyethylene plastic grade-level enclosures.

Impulse Technologies

Canada’s leader in irrigation and lighting wire.

King Innovation

Manufacturers of wire connectors and contractor grade tools.


Leading manufacturer of PVC piping components.

Oil Creek Plastics

Oil Creek Plastics is a true leader in the industry of Polyethylene Piping Systems.